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As an ex-addict, I know both the hopelessness of addiction and the freedom of recovery. In recovery, I discovered the joy that comes from helping others. In my old career as a hairdresser, I became more interested in helping my clients with their problems than haircuts. The switch from hairdresser to hypnotherapist was a natural and easy one.

I am lucky enough to have discovered the power of hypnotherapy as a teenager when I learned self-hypnosis. Back then I had no idea what lay ahead in life, and how much self-hypnosis would help in my bid to free myself from addiction.

I knew before I started training in hypnotherapy that I wanted to specialise in addictions. Soon after attaining my qualification, I volunteered in a homeless hostel for alcoholics and drug addicts. With the help of my supervisor, I stayed in the position for over a year, and learned a lot during the process!

Having gained confidence, I took a position as an associate hypnotherapist at 1 Harley Street, London. I went on to establish my own thriving practice and soon had a 3-month waiting list.

I knew that seeing clients one to one, was not going to have enough of an impact. I needed to reach more people! Fortunately, I started receiving requests from other hypnotherapists to run my own addiction-focussed training. That’s how Addiction Inside Out was born!

I ran my first training in 2015. The feedback was great so I ran another, and another! Over time my skills as a trainer and facilitator evolved, and Addiction Inside Out began to reach the level I was aspiring towards. Now there were hypnotherapists I had trained helping their clients find freedom from addiction. Now my work was having more of an impact!

What began as a weekend-long training has now evolved into something much more! A great community is taking shape with some really exceptional hypnotherapists supporting each other in doing amazing transformative work.

The most exciting part is that this is just the beginning. How far Addiction Inside Out will go, who it will impact, and the lives it will change, is a story that is still being written!

Perhaps one day you will join me in writing this story…

A Few Words About Me…

My recovery from addiction began on 25th October 1997.

That day is one I will never forget because it was the most terrifying and important of my life.

Since that day, when my world came crashing down, I have been rebuilding my life. What I share here in this site, my training, books, and my wider community, has been distilled from this rebuilding process.

My recovery has been far from straightforward! It has been more challenging and rewarding than I could ever have imagined! There have been moments of despair and moments too joyful to put into words! Overall, I think I owe the world a debt of gratitude. Passing on my knowledge is a small part of the repayment.

I have been working as a hypnotherapist and coach in the area of addiction and recovery for over 10 years. Now the time has come to share my insights and resources with a much wider audience, in the hope that they will spread out and help those who struggle with addiction.

There are many wonderful recovery paths available. What I offer is not intended to compete with, or replace, any of them! I am a contributor, not a competitor. If I can make a contribution in some way, then that would be a good thing. If I can leave the world in slightly better shape than how I found it, then that would be truly great!

Hugh Osborne

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